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Dear WABIOnista, Welcome to the month of September. Today let’s discuss the dif…

Dear WABIOnista, Welcome to the month of September💃🏻.

Today let’s discuss the different types of lipstick😊. Listed below are the most basic list of lipstick💄 types:⁣⁣
🎀 MATTE – As the name implies, this is a lipstick that finishes with a rather flat look and is ideal when you are opting for a dark and dramatic shade. They are made with more wax and less oil, which is why they never glimmer or shine. They can look awful if you choose the wrong shade or apply them to lips that have not been properly prepared, and are best for those times when you don’t want to worry about touching up your makeup, such as a formal event or night out.⁣⁣
🎀 CREAM – These are halfway between the matte lipsticks and the popular lip glosses. They come in a wide range of colors, like glosses and have a smoother application due to more oil than wax when compared to matte lipsticks. They have a pop of shine, but are also some of the more longer-wearing and rarely require touch ups. Be aware that your lips must also be properly prepared prior to application for the best look (meaning exfoliated, primed and hydrated).⁣⁣
🎀 SHIMMER – These apply like a cream lipstick but with a bit more glide and a lot more shine. They are made with shimmer pigments (colors with microscopic bits of glitter added) to give your lips a fuller and plumper look, but without any sort of drying. They go on easily and are ideal for nights out and formal events.⁣⁣
Want to know more? Send a DM, Call/WhatsApp +234 803 350 3235 or Email to reserve a slot for our next makeup training.⁣⁣


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